The Team

10173699_10203771356304007_4814981160111011769_nJohn is one of the original co-founders of Static and Distortion and The Static Podcast. He co-hosts The Static Podcast with Robert and Jason. John is an avid music fan with a background in journalism and serves as editor-in-chief of the blog. In his pre- “dad-who-drives-a-minivan” days, John hosted a rock radio show in Ohio and organized live music benefit concerts for charity. He has a band with Chris called Riderless. You can follow him on Twitter @johnshenbergerFavorite Bands: Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco



robertRobert is one of the original co-founders of Static and Distortion and The Static Podcast. Robert co-hosts and is the executive producer of The Static Podcast. He makes us sound good. He has a wide-ranging taste in music. He really never dismisses an artist, song, or genre out of hand. Everyone gets a chance with Robert, and he is often the source point for new music for the other Static bloggers. You can find Robert’s feature Five for Friday on the blog. The hardest working man in our blog network, you can hear him in The Static Podcast, Type Cast and Static and Color Bars podcasts. Favorite Artist: Miles Davis



Jason co-hosts The Static Podcast with John and Robert, joining the cast as a regular during Season 3 in 2015, and he contributes to the blog as a writer. He curates the Altered States playlist each week. He’s a big fan of live music and is our resident jam band enthusiast and Phish worshiper. He may or may not have seen Phish live 62 times. You can follow him on Twitter @JasonRobinK. Favorite Artist: Too many to list!! Favorite Band: Phish




Valerie is our rotating fill-in host for the Static Podcast when John, Jason or Robert are off, as well as a contributor to the blog. Her background is in theatre and public speaking, joining the podcast as a music enthusiast. While she isn’t the best at seeking out new bands or artists, if she likes one she will dive into their entire catalog and spend a Saturday listening. Valerie has a weakness for large house cats and is absolutely awful at karaoke. Favorite Band: Jimmy Eat World



11047189_701771143269154_288249762_nJenn also is rotating fill-in host of The Static Podcast and is a contributor to Static and Distortion as a writer. She and John may have hosted a failed attempt at a spin-off podcast called “We Can Podcast That.” It may or may not still be available on the blog. She’s an avid fan of Fox’s Sunday night cartoons and drives a sweet sweet brown CR-V named Bernadette, after the Motown song. Follow her on Twitter @jbakanov Favorite Music: Covers, Queen, Ed Sheeran & Sam Smith



glassChris is one of the original co-founders of the podcast and blog, and he is currently on hiatus. He also writes and performs music with John in Riderless. In addition to music, Chris is a movie guy and often writes insightful critiques of modern and classic movies. You can follow him @copperglass on Twitter. Favorite Bands: Bob Dylan, Wilco, Uematsu, Bach, Beatles, Decemberists



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