Where is everyone?

By Static and Distortion

I’m sure many of our fans are wondering where the hell we dropped off the face of the earth.

In short, the majority of the Static Staff work in payroll/accounting/payments/tax industry and January is our busiest time of the year. We do this as a hobby and make no money on the site/podcast, despite how many references to Triscuits we make.

So, in short, we just got busy.

Also, Robert and his wife welcomed their second child to the world recently. (That’s the fourth child born to the collective team here at Static HQ since our May 2014 founding episode. Wanna have a kid? Apparently you need to be a podcast host. Podcast hosts are having all that awesome married sex, apparently.)

Robert and John recorded a year end wrap up cast that will be coming out this week. The gang is reuniting this week to honor the career of David Bowie. And we have a lot in store for Season 4 of the Static Poscast.

Your weekly features like Altered States, Five for Friday, Hip Hop Wednesday and 3:1 will return with somewhat regularity soon as well.

Stay tuned for Season 4 of Static and Distortion.