Thank You Mastodon, For Being the Change I Want to See.

By: Robert

Mastodon, Sludge/Stoner Metal act out of Atlanta, has released a music video for their new single The Motherload.  And god bless them for doing so.  To be honest, the music video isn’t even that amazing.  It’s mostly a rip of of early to mid nineties metal and hard rock videos.  But it’s the simple fact that a band is getting so much press for something in this day and age (the music video) is almost antiquated.  MTV is no longer Music Television but has it’s variety of shows that it puts out for pre-teens, teens, and those maybe clinging to younger days watch.  And youtube has so many streams of just static images with the song playing, it’s a wonder why record companies shell out the cash to make videos anymore.

And then comes along Mastodon, scraggly beards and metal flying out of their amps.  The song is a great one, from their most recent album Once more around the sun.  THey put on a hell of a live show, and I recommend diving in to their back catalog if you get the chance.  Their video tries, in a sad state at first, to be an earnest ordeal, but is abandoned for what the kids want these days: Booty. Things take an odd turn about half way through and all pretense on trying to make something genuine falls by the wayside.

Much like the recent Anaconda video from Nicki Minaj, Mastodon highlights booty shakin’ from some lovely young ladies who I’m sure are making their families proud.  The big difference is that Mastodon wrote an original song (While Nicki ripped off the beat and most of the chorus from Sir Mix-a-lot), Mastodon’s song may have a personal meaning to them from their semi-cryptic lyrics (while Nicki’s is about banging dudes), and Mastodon’s song doesn’t suck (while Nicki’s……shit, you get the picture).

Here’s the video:

Five for Friday aka Connection

By: Robert

I couldn’t think of a story or anecdote to touch on for this weeks Five for Friday post, so instead I picked 5 songs that all have an underlying connection.  I enjoy these songs on their own, but also love the thread that ties them all together.  In my opinion this is a fairly easy one (especially the Steely Dan song).  If you think you have it figured out post in the comments section and let us know!

Gino Vannelli-I Just want to Stop

Aphex Twin- Avril 14h

Marvin Gaye- Distant Lover

Elton John- Someone Saved my life tonight

Steely Dan- Kid Charlemagne


Season 1, Episode 13: Ryan Adams

Guess what?! We have production now in the podcast! Guess what else?!? The audio still sounds terrible! I blame Chris this time. Really, it’s like we should offer a transcript just so you can follow along.

Anyway, Check out the newest episode where we show Ryan Adams some love (some of us more than others).

Five for Friday aka Bar Talk

By: Robert

I can’t go in to details on this list except for it’s dedicated to Chris and Val. To bar talk and all of the glories it yields. They know what’s going on.

Note: I hate Buckcherry, but for the purposes of this list it has to be here.

David Bowie-China Girl

Buckcherry-Crazy Bitch

Prince-Darling Nikki

Deftones-Digital Bath (Acoustic)

Goldfrapp-Ooh La La

Ryan Adams 101

By: Chris

Hi listeners (platinum and otherwise)!

As mentioned in our Bonus Cast, John and I have each compiled separate essential Ryan Adams playlists and arranged them on Spotify.

John’s list is a straightforward, to the point, you need to listen to these 20 Ryan Adams tracks (well, 19, the first is sort of just an intro) type deal. It’s arranged for listenability, which means that it’s not a countdown type playlist.


Similarly, my playlist is also not a countdown by any means. I did, however, test a decision to have it work both as a singular 20 track playlist, and 2 separate 10 track playlists. What I mean by this, is that the first 10 tracks on the playlist I view to be absolutely my 10 favorite, followed by 10 more that I also believe to be essential. The entire thing does work–in my opinion–quite nicely as a singular 20 track list, though.


Without even really opening up Spotify, I can tell you that what’s interesting, given Ryan’s vast catalogue and long career, along with nuances in mine and John’s taste, is that our lists are rather different. I think it highlights the range of his work, so if you listen to both playlists and think “boy, this was all pretty bad,” then Ryan Adams probably isn’t for you.

Season 1 Bonus Episode!

As promised we recorded a bonus episode to make up for the audio quality on the Do Make Say Think episode.  John and Chris discuss/debate Apple’s decision to auto-download the new U2 album to iTunes, touching on the desperation from both parties, how out of touch with current culture they are, and impact on future endeavors .  Robert attempts to chime in but is ignored and eventually gives up.

Season 1, Episode 12: Do Make Say Think

Firstly, we would like to apologize for the terrible audio quality of this weeks podcast. We’ll be recording a make up episode for our listeners soon.  But honestly you’re not missing much: Chris is his normal acerbic self, Robert talks about his feelings, and John disappears partway through the episode for about 5 minutes.  Who needs him anyway right?

Five For Friday: Farewell Camry Edition

Hey Everybody!

I’m not Robert this week. Robert is feeling a bit under the weather, so I am doing this week’s Five for Friday.

Today is my 33rd birthday. It was filled with fun things like a breakfast date with my wife, two trips to Costco, and buying new garbage and recycling cans for the kitchen. We bought a new twin mattress set for my 4 year old daughter and moved her out of her toddler bed into a “big girl bed” while she was at school. She was surprised to say the least.

The best part of the day was selling my wife’s 2000 Toyota Camry. We’ve had the car for a decade. My wife purchased it a few months before we were married. We sold it to our neighbors two houses down the street, which also happens to be our old address. The old car is returning to our old house, but with new owners.


That was the car in which we departed for our honeymoon. We brought all three of our children home from the hospital in that car. For today’s Five for Friday, I am going to share five classic songs that connect me to a memory of driving that well-worn Camry.

The Roots – Don’t Feel Right (Driving my wife to the Milwaukee airport in 2006)

Loose Fur – Wreckroom (Driving to Philadelphia in 2007 for my class reunion)

Neko Case – This Tornado Loves You (Christmas shopping in early winter 2009)

Derek Webb – I Love/ Hate You (Making the long commute to Naperville to work at Devry University in 2009-2010)

Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait (I was cleaning the car and listening to the radio in the car while doing so. I heard this song for the first time while doing so.)

Farewell, Camry. It’s been real.


Five for Friday AKA High School Band

I joined the band in school in the 7th grade, because my sister did and she seemed to like it and I wanted to be cool like her. It didn’t hurt that my friends at the time were all in band as well. I couldn’t figure out what to play so I jumped around: Clarinet, French Horn, Trumpet, Percussion. I finally settled on Trombone because I felt it would be fun to make the slide noise all the time and bother people.

Possibly because of my playing, but mainly because my dad is an amazing human being and the band director didn’t want to lose him as an asset, the band director in the high school my sister was going to accepted me as a music magnet student. I grew up in North Miami, three blocks away from North Miami Senior High. The kind of school where you had to have your school ID showing at all times to prove you went there and the entrances had metal detectors. My dad chose to instead bus my sister and I an hour away to South Miami Senior High, which was a magnet school for the arts (Music, Dance, Art, Photography, Television).

While there I played in Wind Ensembles, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, and smaller Brass Ensembles. I remember sitting around with friends workshopping specific pieces of music I had trouble with, or practicing solo pieces for some evaluation. So for this Five for Friday I’m providing some of my favorite pieces of music I was lucky enough to play while in band. These hold a place in my heart for being fun to play, or having a memorable performance on stage.

Percy Graingers’ “Colonial Song” performed by the Dallas Wind Symphony

Clifton Williams’ “Symphonic Suite” performers Unknown (Clifton Williams is a fantastic composer and you should have more of him in your life)

Oliver Nelsons’ “Blues in the abstract truth” Performed by Oliver Nelson

Charles Mingus’ “Haitian Fight Song” performed by Charles Mingus

Johan De Meij “Lord of the Rings, Suite IV. Journey into the dark” performed by the London Symphony Orchestra