Season 5, Episode 4: Movie Soundtrack Spectacular

r-3575650-1335892014-jpegThe season continues as newest official podcaster (and senior weather/traffic advisor) Val joins Chris to discuss everything movie soundtrack. Literally everything.

Like, we didn’t really want to, but Val made like, a PowerPoint, and like, a Google… page, so, we had to stick to the plan this time. I mean, she went through all that effort, and all.

It’s a lot of fun, though, as we found there’s a lot more to movie soundtracks than just what you remember from the trailer (unlike movies.) However, we’d recommend you treat this episode like you’d treat viewing a film and take an intermission about half-way through. Grab some popcorn, use the restroom, whatever. Unless you’re driving. Then you’ll just have to keep on listening until you can stop at a popcorn stand.

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