Altered States

by Jason.

Welcome to Altered States. A weekly playlist to help your weekend’s adventure get to the right destination. Featuring music left of center and slightly askew; ranging from post psychedelia, psybient, jam, ambient, hip hop, and world music. Whatever I’m listening to during the week that I feel might help you through life’s journey.

This week your trip is short. I’ve paired down the weekly playlist  for a more succinct ride. This week’s list uses Inspired Flight’s song It’s the Chemicals and Sky With Hand’s Blue Sky Black Death as it’s two main centerpieces. The list builds to and peaks with these selections before evening out with a rare Beach Boys selection Feel Flows.

Like every other week here at Altered States, I post 2 play lists. This week’s list and the running main list. If you like what you hear, follow the running main list at the bottom. The weekly list gets deleted every week and fed into the running list.

Without further ado,

Altered States Weekly #8


And now the main Altered States playlist:


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