Five for Friday: Another shit post

I’ve been stupid tired lately and not feeling well. One of these weeks I’ll get back in to making themes posts. For now I’m just glad I can sometimes remember to make one at all. Here we go.

Discharge: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Sleepy Sun-Outside

Magic Sword-The Sword of Truth



Five for Friday: The more than five song, week late Valentine mix

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so I’m easing back in to it with an already made list.  Each year I make my wife a playlist for Valentine’s day.  Flowers die and Chocolates are okay, but she still has a bunch of these CD’s floating around that she listens to.  Ya know, that whole music can be immortal/timeless/forever thing?  So I’m posting the playlist I made for her this year.  Some love songs, some not, some just getting across and idea or thought I had for her.  Hope y’all enjoy!

Season 3, Episode 23: The Best of 2015

So we’re stupid late on this cause life gets in the way sometimes.  But here we have John and Robert’s best of 2015 show.  Robert is really drunk, John sounds he works a drive through, Robert steals jokes from Patton Oswalt, we go way over time, and it’s over two months late.  We’re doing good at this podcast thing right?!?

Five for Friday: Trap

On a recent installment of the wonderful Altered States feature of Static and Distortion, Koop provide a plethora of psychedelic/goorvy/trippy hip hop music (FYI Koop, where was MF DOOM?!?) for you to enjoy.  But he also said in our recent podcast “Fuck Trap music” (paraphrasing).  I’d have to disagree.

For those that don’t know Trap music, it’s a style of rap born out of the south in the early 90’s.  The signature sound was heavy 808’s, high hats, dark/ominous strings and synths to lay ground for lyrical content focusing on drug dealing, poverty, gang violence, and struggles.  In the south, the “Trap” is both figurative and literal: It was dead end streets, closed alley ways, or locations with little access where drug deals and all around shenanigans would go down, keeping buyers and dealers trapped. But it was also reflective of the people in these scenarios, trapped to repeat the same behavior and transgressions for whatever their personal reason may be.

The problem comes, as it always does, when styles and sounds are appropriated by other genres for use.  Most notably Electronic music, biting the heavy 808’s and rhythm’s associated with Trap production.  Artists like Flosstradamus, TNGHT, , Hudson Mohawke, and R.L. Grime are now being considered Trap DJ’s.  Even Katy Perry is in on it with her song Dark Horse.  When I hear Koop say “Fuck Trap music” I like to think he may be thinking of these artists and the ubiquity of the term “Trap” in modern music.  In actuality you can go back and listen to true trap rappers who spin their own tales, A La Nas with Illmatic or Tupac with All Eyez on me.

The West cost had gangster rap, East coast had that New York sound and flow.  Midwest had a mini backpack movement, and now has Drill music.  ALl of these styles were accepted for the individual sounds and content they brought to the table.  Trap has it’s own unique story, rich with a past of artists able to tell the story of their neighborhoods and those still there….Trapped.

Young Jeezy-Trap or Die

Gucci Mane- Trap House

Waka Flocka Flame-Hard in the Paint

Ghetto Mafia-For the good times (Straight from The Dec)

T.I.-Dope Boyz

Season 3, Episode 21: Outkast

Hey everyone!  This week John, Koop, Robert, and returning OG Static Cast host Chris get together and talk about Southern Hip Hop pioneers Outkast.  We discuss Jimmy Iovine’s Sexism, David Bowie’s new song, the fall of festival’s, we give another shout out to the awesome band King Catcher, and we attempt to discuss Jay Syd but he make’s his video private and subsequently we forget about him.

“How ’bout I shit on whatever indie band you love that nobodies ever heard of!?!”