Five for Friday:Smooth like something that is normally smooth

I’m not clever.

Lianna La Havas-Midnight

Balue-Man in the Sixties

Exmag-Tilt Mode feat. Gibbz

The Floozies-Stuntin

Michael Haggins-Daybreak


Five for Friday: Leave me alone, I’m tired

I’m trying to get better at being regular with these things, but with a toddler and newborn I can’t come up with themes or ideas.  So here is just some random songs.

milo – Souvenir (feat. Hemlock Ernst)

Heatwave – Star of the Story

Deftones – Prayers/Traingles

Stars – Streetlights (Kanye West cover)

Adina Howard – Freak like me (Cause why the hell not?!?)

Five for Friday: The more than five song, week late Valentine mix

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so I’m easing back in to it with an already made list.  Each year I make my wife a playlist for Valentine’s day.  Flowers die and Chocolates are okay, but she still has a bunch of these CD’s floating around that she listens to.  Ya know, that whole music can be immortal/timeless/forever thing?  So I’m posting the playlist I made for her this year.  Some love songs, some not, some just getting across and idea or thought I had for her.  Hope y’all enjoy!


Static Season 3, Episode 23: The Best of 2015

So we’re stupid late on this cause life gets in the way sometimes.  But here we have John and Robert’s best of 2015 show.  Robert is really drunk, John sounds he works a drive through, Robert steals jokes from Patton Oswalt, we go way over time, and it’s over two months late.  We’re doing good at this podcast thing right?!?

Also, here is Robert’s Best of 2015 Spotify list: