3:1 The National / Thanksgiving

by Valerie

Welcome to the second installment of 3:1. Remember last week when I said the only rule was the ratio of covers to originals? Well, this week we’ll be looking at 3 covers and 1 original again, only focusing on a band instead of a song.

Over the weekend, I was reminded that one of my favorite bands, The National, did a very silly (yet hauntingly serious) cover of “Thanksgiving Song” from the TV Show Bob’s Burgers several years ago. What I didn’t know was that a year later, they collaborated with the show and did an original song for Thanksgiving called “Sailors in Your Mouth.” Too funny. So ridiculous.

Better late than never, right?

Here’s the cover (accompanied by random photos of the band… it was the only one on YouTube without weird photos of dead turkeys. You’re welcome.):

And here’s the original song they wrote for an episode of the show:

This got me thinking about an awesome cover I’d heard recently of The National‘s song “Pink Rabbits” from the 2013 album Trouble Will Find Me. It’s by the band Strand of Oaks and while it’s not about Thanksgiving, your ears may thank you:

I also remembered a much less silly and much more beautiful cover The National recorded as a b-side for I Need My Girl, “Learning” by Perfume Genius. I adore it.

I’ve been told The National later wrote a Christmas song for Bob’s Burgers (How did all of this get past me?!), but that’s going to have to wait to be heard until after Thanksgiving is over. I’m a one-holiday-at-a-time kind of person.

Have a great Thanksgiving, readers & listeners! I hope it’s filled with great food and even better company, with opportunity to reflect on what matters most. I bet you’ll be looking at your gravy boat differently. I know I will.

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