Viva Las Vegas (adjacent)

I am attending my East Coast Implementation Conference in Henderson, NV this week – it is officially the furthest west I’ve been, to date.

I can tell you that the glitz and sparkle of the strip does not extend to where we are staying. This is, like, the dregs of society. Locals who sit at the penny slots all day and all night, smoking cigarettes indoors while their oxygen tank sits next to them in their Rascal.

There is a steady stream of adult contemporary music piped in, but it’s hard to hear over the constant ringing and jingling of all the slot machines and video poker. Tomorrow night, we are going to be released to “The Strip” for some bona fide Las Vegas shenanigans and I am already looking into tattoo parlors and listening to Tom Jones non-stop.


Shen and I hope to record a Live From Las Vegas (adjacent)! episode of the We Can Podcast That cast on Thursday!

This blog post has been brought to you from Fabulous Henderson, NV courtesy of my company’s dime!


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