Five For Friday AKA The Chris Edition

So I got a message from Robert asking me to post this edition of Five For Friday and I was hesitant to do so because I didn’t want to sully such a fine corner of this blog. I thought of doing a Robert Fripp deal but that’s for another day. I also thought about doing a 4AD thing, again, for another day. Then I remembered that I watched Wings of Desire the night before and I should use that as my jumping off point.

I’m starting this one out with one of my favorite tracks by The Birthday Party, The Friend Catcher.

Next up is Swell Maps’ Secret Island. Swell Maps featured the half brothers Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks.

Next is Crime and the City Solution’s Dolphins and Sharks. At one point Crime and the City Solution featured former members of The Birthday Party, and were also featured (along with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) in the film Wings of Desire.

Next is These Immortal Souls with Hyperspace. These Immortal Souls featured the late Rowland S. Howard (guitars/vocals) who was a member of The Birthday Party and Crime and the City Solution and the late Epic Soundtracks (drums), who was also a former member of Crime and the City Solution as well as Swell Maps.

I would like to close this edition out with one of the greatest songs ever written. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ The Mercy Seat.