Static and Color Bars

2logoproposedAn offshoot of The Static Podcast, Static and Color Bars is a podcast paying homage and respect to the true American past time: Television.  With Robert from The Static Podcast and Chenel, a newcomer/upstart to the Podcasting world, they’ll give you the news and reviews from the small screen.

Episode 1.05 Our favorite things: The 2014 Wrap up (recorded on December 18, 2014)
We take a look book through our recent viewing history in this episode, touching on things that we both enjoyed and hated from the small screen.

Episode 1.04: We Love Lucy (recorded on November 20, 2014)
In this episode our hosts discuss a pioneer of sitcom television: Lucille Ball and the I Love Lucy show.  We discuss it’s origins, it’s progression away from vaudeville and variety television, and it’s impact in history.  And we do this all without once using a catch phrase from the show.  Impressive, no? Tune in!

Episode 1.03: Subtlety? The horror! (recorded on October 31, 2014)
Recorded on Halloween day, our adventurers discuss subtlety versus shock in horror programming.  We look at the past, present, and hold hope for the future. Will our heroes eventually find what they’re looking for? Will scary state of television deter our heroes? Will our listenership ever allow us to get sponsors?  Find out!

Episode 1.02: Cold Feet, Warm Hearts (recorded on October 17, 2014)
This week our heroes continue on their journey in search Comedy, stopping along the way to why people should stop doing things they think other people will like.  Alas, what’s this?  They’re joined on their quest by special guest Randi! Will she make it to the end? Will our adventurers ever find comedy? Will Timmy ever be found at the bottom of the well?  Tune in to find out.

Episode 1.01: The Christening (Recorded live in front of studio audience comprised only of Robert’s cat and dog on October 9, 2014)
Introductions are made, bonds are formed, and a betrayal is hinted at….

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