By Jason.

Welcome to Altered States. A weekly playlist to help your weekend’s adventure get to the right destination. Featuring music left of center and slightly askew; ranging from post psychedelia, psybient, jam, ambient, hip hop, and world music. Whatever I’m listening to during the week that I feel might help you through life’s journey.

Today is a special extra list. As I was putting together Altered States 11 I thought some might be interested in hearing some of the music that doesn’t make the weekly list. Since we started a new Volume 2 of Altered States I’m purging myself of all the back logged music I’ve been saving. I present to you: Altered States Out-Takes Volume 1. Everything that either has been cut from a previous list or that I’d been saving for a future list but never quite fit.

To be clear, it’s a mish-mash of music. With each Altered States list I take the time to craft a flow and a specific theme (regardless of whether that’s apparent), this is NOT that. This is just a listing of all the music that hasn’t yet made the cut. It’s a long list filled with some great tunes. I hope you enjoy:


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