Season 5, Episode 3: A Strange Modicum of Random

This week is slim pickins at the Static Podcast. Chris and Val are off this week, no one knows what happened to Koop, so that leaves Podcast Core Members Robert and John to man the microphone. Apparently we failed at that too, because Robert sounds like he is yelling no matter how much John turned down his mic. Even his Gentle Whispering is loud.

In this episode, John gets a halftime gig for the 2019 bowl. We discuss the Super Bowl, make some noises with random object, and Robert and John tell knock knock jokes before delving into our favorite YouTube content creators and channels.

*Twenty Minutes into the Podcast*

Robert: “So are we going to cover the topic for the week or are we just going to wing this episode?”

John: “We’ve already been winging it…”


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