Season 5, Episode 4: Movie Soundtrack Spectacular

r-3575650-1335892014-jpegThe season continues as newest official podcaster (and senior weather/traffic advisor) Val joins Chris to discuss everything movie soundtrack. Literally everything.

Like, we didn’t really want to, but Val made like, a PowerPoint, and like, a Google… page, so, we had to stick to the plan this time. I mean, she went through all that effort, and all.

It’s a lot of fun, though, as we found there’s a lot more to movie soundtracks than just what you remember from the trailer (unlike movies.) However, we’d recommend you treat this episode like you’d treat viewing a film and take an intermission about half-way through. Grab some popcorn, use the restroom, whatever. Unless you’re driving. Then you’ll just have to keep on listening until you can stop at a popcorn stand.

Season 5, Episode 3: A Strange Modicum of Random

This week is slim pickins at the Static Podcast. Chris and Val are off this week, no one knows what happened to Koop, so that leaves Podcast Core Members Robert and John to man the microphone. Apparently we failed at that too, because Robert sounds like he is yelling no matter how much John turned down his mic. Even his Gentle Whispering is loud.

In this episode, John gets a halftime gig for the 2019 bowl. We discuss the Super Bowl, make some noises with random object, and Robert and John tell knock knock jokes before delving into our favorite YouTube content creators and channels.

*Twenty Minutes into the Podcast*

Robert: “So are we going to cover the topic for the week or are we just going to wing this episode?”

John: “We’ve already been winging it…”


Season 5, Episode 1 – The Reboot!


Hi Guys,

We are back with a reboot of the Static Podcast on Static and Distortion. Our last podcast was April 6, 2016, so its been almost 2 years since we went out on hiatus – with a whimper.

Chris rejoins the podcast and Valerie gets promoted to co-host. Of course, John and Robert are back too, with John manning the production side.

This week we discuss the song Proud Mary. Who wore it better, CCR or Tina?


Season 4, Episode 3: Fela Kuti

fela-kuti-detroit-1986-600In this podcast, Jason, Robert and John talk about the best sandwich shops for stoners, how expensive Jewel-Osco is, and Jason and John put their friend Nancy on blast for shopping at Wal-Mart. John struggles to describe his definition of a “cool vibe.”

Also, we talk about the history and music of political activist Fela Kuti.


Season 4, Episode 2: DEATH GRIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottomless_PitWell, we finally did it. We finally decided to put a little faith in humanity back in Robert’s cold cold heart and give one of his most controversially favorite bands a proper podcast.

I swore I’d never do this podcast, but at the end of the day, I found some new respect for Death Grips. But unlike Robert’s heart, my warm, jovial heart now has a cold place reserved for Death Grips.

This week, we talk the Grammy Awards, Kanye West’s plan for life, and how Stockholm Syndrome may have affected Jason’s ability to love Death Grips.

Leave a comment below or head over to our Facebook page to leave a comment on how you feel about DEAAAATHHH GRRIIIIPPPPPPSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Season 4, Episode 1: The Boys Are Back in Town

By John

Welp, here we are. Starting Season 4 of the Static Podcast. No artist this week, no music news. Just a lot of Doctor Who and Matchbox 20 talk.

A lot of people died to make this episode possible. One of them was not Rob Thomas.

Season 3, Episode 23: The Best of 2015

So we’re stupid late on this cause life gets in the way sometimes.  But here we have John and Robert’s best of 2015 show.  Robert is really drunk, John sounds he works a drive through, Robert steals jokes from Patton Oswalt, we go way over time, and it’s over two months late.  We’re doing good at this podcast thing right?!?

Season 3, Episode 22: The Mary Stuart Mastodons

By John

Have we finally done it? Is it the best podcast we’ve ever recorded?

Thankfully for you, listeners, someone finally had the guts to uncover the most popular yet unheard band ever: Mary Stuart Mastodons. We delve into their eclectic style of music, drama within the band, and even with all the fanfare, Robert is still not a fan.

In music news this week, we talk about POTUS and FLOTUS’s favorite songs of 2015, Noel Gallagher hates Adele, apparently, and The Unattainable Wu-Tang album.

Quotes from the show:

“If you’d like to email me and tell me I’m wrong, the email address is, just put John in the subject line and I’ll read it in 6 months.”

“I would say, as a lover of chimichungas, for one, yes, I would steal Pat Smear’s chimichungas, personally, if I had the chance, but if someone stole MY chimichungas, I’d probably kick them off the tour.”

“You sound about 35% sexier this week, Jason.”

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