Season 3, Episode 10: The Quickie

Chris wasn’t available this week so we grabbed Val and did a quickie episode.  Really it’s just a lot of Ums, huhs, and whats while we discuss TIDAL (yet again), Saudi Arabian Black Metal, and Karaoke.  Hope you enjoy!

Five for Friday aka Funk Friday

For the last few days I’ve listened to pretty much nothing but funk.  Well, funk and the Harmontown podcast.  But I’ve just been in this funk/soul/groove mood lately.  Even when finding out I had pink, on the way back from the doctor I drove with the windows down blaring James Brown loud enough that everyone around could probably hear it while dancing like an idiot in my car.  So I’m providing some of the songs I’ve been listening to lately, maybe they’ll make you shake your ass.

Big Sam’s Funky Nation-Funky Donkey & Got it goin’ on

Earth, Wind, and Fire-Let’s Groove

Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen- So Damn Good

No BS! Brass Band- RVA All Day!

Sly & the Family Stone- If you want me to stay

Season 3, Episode 9: King of pt. 2

This week it’s Shen who abandons rank in the second part of our King Of game.  But the great news is we get Val back to fill in, while Chris has the hardest time thinking of crappy bands, and Robert is on a hot streak.  We also discuss upcoming shows to the Chicago area, why Chex Mix should be our next sponsor, and did I mention that Shen is dead to us?  Enjoy the show!

“Oh, I kinda like Kings of Leon in a weird way.”