Five for Friday AKA What do we have here?

We hear at Static and Distortion have a varied taste when it comes to music. I know I for one go out and search Spotify and YouTube, browse Reddit, and seek new recommendations on what I should be listening to. There’s really fantastic stuff out there if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to seek it out. For as much good as there there, there is 10 times the amount of bad. No structure, no musicality, poor instrumentation choices, etc etc. Some of this is just as fun to listen to for the horribleness it presents. I think I listened to Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” god knows how many times, wondering more and more with each watch….”Why?”.  After you’ve made it through the wave of terribleness, and found the great stuff, there’s still a small category left.  It’s music that may be great and taking you in a new direction you never thought you’d enjoy, or it could be something that belongs solely on the Deep Web.  It’s music that makes you ask “What the fuck was that?!?”.  I’ve complied 5 songs I’ve recently stumbled upon that I feel fall in to that category: Music that makes you truly wonder as to what they were trying to convey with their work.  I will admin as well, some of these songs I enjoy, and would even say love (Thank you Mike Patton!), but even then the first listen through, and subsequent reviews, were based solely on my trying to figure out why the fuck someone would make that song.  Let’s do it:

The Residents-Gingerbread Man
An art collective/group that have been around since the 70’s and have released over 60 albums.  Link for more information on them.

John Cage-4:33
An experimental composition for mainly Piano, consisting of complete silence.  I chose a video of a live, television broadcast.  Link for more information on the piece.

Babymetal-Gimme Chocolate
Metal band from Japan that is fronted by a J-Pop girl group.  Hijinks ensue.

Wesley Willis- I whooped Batman’s ass
6′ 6″ tall, schizophrenic man who wrote rock n’ roll music as “Joyride Music” for when he had schizophrenic breakdowns that he called “Hell rides”.  Link for information.

Mr. Bungle-Ars Moriendi
Experimental band lead by the fantastic Mike Patton. Their music is all over the place and is done fantastically.

There it is kids.  If you have interesting, odd, weird songs you would like to contribute post them in the comments!


Season 1, Episode 10: Check out these bands!

Woefully under prepared for the actual artist we were supposed to talk about, we instead each picked 5 acts that you should check out.  So listen to this, then listen to them.

New Podcast: Radiohead

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you marked this one specifically on your calendars, as this is the weekend we decided to sit down (and sometimes stand up) to record our 10th episode!

And, for our milestone episode, we decided to talk at length about Radiohead’s polarizing career. We all had, expectedly, quite a lot to say. We had SO much to say, in fact, that our 10th episode actually nears the 1hr 30min mark! That’s almost 30min longer than the remake of Walking Tall, staring The Rock. Oh, and, also, note, somewhere around half-way through our audio quality seems to also kick-in in terms of quality and what have you. Just as an FYI.

As we talk about in the show, we decided to each create and share a Top 10 Radiohead Tracks Spotify playlist. And, as we also talk about, Spotify doesn’t host In Rainbows, which makes our playlists rather inaccurate, unfortunately. You can start things off right by checking out my unexpectedly OK Computer and The Bends heavy list here:

For the record, my ACTUAL top 10 really looks more like this, with In Rainbows tracks thrown in:

10. No Surprises
09. Lucky
08. Idioteque
07. Just
06. Let Down
05. Creep
04. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
03. Karma Police
02. Exit Music (For A Film)
01. Fake Plastic Trees

Hope you enjoy!

Five for Friday aka Anticipated Albums

Work has been crazy the past few days so I haven’t had time to put much thought in to this Friday’s post. I’m posting five songs from albums set to release later this year that I’m looking forward too. Maybe they’ll become albums you’re looking forward to as well. Here we go!

Joey Bada$$-Big Dusty
Album: B4da$$, releases on October 7, 2014.

Ty Segall- Feel
Album: Manipulator, releases on August 26, 2014.

Action Bronson-Easy Rider
Album: Mr. Wonderful, release not confirmed, will be 2014.

Death from above 1979- Trainwreck 1979
Album: The Physical World, releases September 9, 2014

Flying Lotus-No single released yet, just a teaser clip
Album: You’re Dead, releases October 7, 2014


Dustbowl Revival

Heya friends. I vaguely remember agreeing to post something about something here on the Static blog, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was at all. Some sort of thing? It’s impossible to know. I’m sure I’ll ask Robert later.

Until then, I’d like to give a quick plug to my very good friend James’ band, now on tour (with the likes of other up-and-comers such as Lake Street Dive and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band) with several albums upcoming. He’s their current bass player, and a fine one he is indeed.

They’re bluegrassy and a bit jazzy, and not too bad at all. Check ’em out if you dig bluegrass and have some free time and things.


Five for Friday AKA Comfort Music

Long story short, I need some soothing music in my life right now. Music that I know I can always go back to and enjoy, sing, appreciate. It may be predictable or trite but there something in it’s tried notes and well known lyrics that make them comforting. Like that old ratty blanket that your grandmother had: Yeah, there are newer blankets with better workmanship but they don’t remind you of the time you stayed home from school cause you felt ill, watching cartoons all day and eating soup. And that memory awakens a positive feeling in your mind, in your heart that allows you to feel better about whatever may be going wrong in your life at that time. And this for post in particular I chose songs that are about staying positive, about facing adversity, and understanding that sometimes life will do whatever it wants. But if you have friends/family/loved ones/faith (in whatever god[s] you choose to believe in) that everything will be alright. I ask all of you to throw on some comfort music on your own and take time to focus on everything around you, appreciating not just your life but the lives of people around you. I’m just rambling at this point, so on to the music.

Bill Withers-Lovely Day

Mumford and Sons Feat. Old Crow Medicine Show, Apache Relay, and Old Cadillac Sky-Amazing Grace (Live from Bonnaroo 2011)

Joe Cocker-With a little help with my friends (Live from Woodstock 1969)

Grateful Dead-Touch of Grey

Bob Marley-Three Little Birds


When making this list I had a toss up, and Joe Cocker made the cut. Going back through (and after discussing the list with my good friend Brad) I’ve decided I needed to add the other song on here. His exact words:
Brad: can i add a song that i love no matter and is a comfort song for me…or at least tell you….
Me: Sure
Brad: Otis Redding – dock of the bay

This song came so close to making the list that I took it as a sign it needed to be on here. So a bonus 6th song.

Otis Redding- Sitting on the dock of the bay


Five for Monday: Do You Want More?!!!??! Edition

AA The RootsHey kids! This week’s edition of the Static Podcast features the career of the Roots, America’s most badass late night band in history.

For as much as I love the Roots, I had to sit out this podcast episode due to illness. I had been day drinking with Chris and some friends earlier on recording day with a slight case of sniffles which rapidly turned into a 102.5 fever and sore throat, cough and general nastiness. I told the guys they had better count me out and see if our old buddy, Static and Distortion contributor Tom Hutch could fill in.

Robert had the pick this time, claiming he needed to inject some more hip hop into the musical culture of these white guys. Little did Robert know that I own every Roots album going all the way back to Organix.

My first exposure to the Roots was some time in early 2002. I was a student of Ohio State University attending one of the branch campuses, but being a Buckeye Ambassador, I had a conference at the main campus in Columbus. (Yes, Chris. I found a way to work Ohio in to this in some capacity.) On the day we arrived on campus, we walked through an area of campus where there was to be a concert later in the day. The Roots were playing! We walked through the general area while Questlove was doing his drum sound check.

Instantly, I was a fan. When I got home that night, I drove to my local Wal-Mart, which was the only place within a 20 mile radius to buy new music, and bought a copy of the Roots 2002 album “Phrenology.” Instant love based off one man’s drum sound check heard in passing.

I also immediately put this photo up on my wall in my bedroom. Questlove was my new favorite musician.


I then purchased every new album up through How I Got Over on release day. (Sorry, Undun and … and then you shoot your cousin.) I also went back in and purchased their entire back catalog as well. Their 2006 album “Game Theory” is currently number 10 in my Top 10 Favorite Albums of All Time list.

I provided my top 5 favorite Roots songs for Robert to relay on the podcast, so no spoilers. I decided I’d do a “Five for Monday” edition of some of my favorite Roots or Roots related videos not discussed on the podcast:

5. Derek Webb – #UNBLOK ME (A song begging Questlove to unblock him on Twitter after a Twitter war.)

4. Elvis Costello and the Roots – REFUSE to be Saved (From Wise Up Ghost)

3. John Legend and the Roots – Hard Times (From Wake Up!)

2. The Roots – Lovely Love My Family (From Yo Gabba Gabba)

1. Questlove – Goodbye Isaac

You can listen to our Roots Podcast and other podcasts from the Static Podcast here