Season 5, Episode 4: Movie Soundtrack Spectacular

r-3575650-1335892014-jpegThe season continues as newest official podcaster (and senior weather/traffic advisor) Val joins Chris to discuss everything movie soundtrack. Literally everything.

Like, we didn’t really want to, but Val made like, a PowerPoint, and like, a Google… page, so, we had to stick to the plan this time. I mean, she went through all that effort, and all.

It’s a lot of fun, though, as we found there’s a lot more to movie soundtracks than just what you remember from the trailer (unlike movies.) However, we’d recommend you treat this episode like you’d treat viewing a film and take an intermission about half-way through. Grab some popcorn, use the restroom, whatever. Unless you’re driving. Then you’ll just have to keep on listening until you can stop at a popcorn stand.

My MegaPlaylist Archive Now on Spotify

So, starting in 2010, I started making 6hr+ MegaPlaylists. Initially this began when I needed a mix CD (mp3 CD at the time) to play for my shifts at work. Then, once I got a real job, I kept making them because this has turned into a wondrous addiction. Since then, I’ve created 16 playlists, and I’ve just completed the arduous undertaking of transcribing them all to Spotify. Also, purely for fun and not because I have a problem, I made cover art and set lists of the artists included on each.

So what’s the deal with these exactly? Essentially it’s the music I’m discovering/into at the time, and music I felt like sharing. It’s really as simple as that. EXCEPT IT’S NOT, because I did go through the effort of crafting the arrangement, so it’s not “on-shuffle”, per se, and the tracks have a natural flow and progression to them. This has nothing to do with a problem I don’t have.

It’s kind of neat to see that the first 4, which I made to be played in a public environment, are tailored more to the every-man crowd (ish), and then after that I just do whatever the hell I want.

Anyway, sharing them all today. They’re all public on Spotify, so if you find me, you should be able to find them anyway. Enjoy!

VOLUME 1: Submitted for Your Refusal (March 2010)


VOLUME 2: If at First You Don’t Succeed (June 2010)


VOLUME 3: And Now the Moment (September 2010)


VOLUME 4: End of the Tunnel (February 2011)


VOLUME 5: The Other River (September 2011)




VOLUME 7: Two Roads Diverged (April 2013)


VOLUME 8: Pathless (May 2013)


VOLUME 9: Ungone (November 2013)


VOLUME 10: All Horizons (June 2014)


VOLUME 11: Premier Season (September 2014)


VOLUME 12: Homebound (March 2015)


VOLUME 13: Days Rewound (August 2015)


VOLUME 14: Forget and Forgive (March 2016)


VOLUME 15: Good for What Isn’t (May 2016)


VOLUME 16: Unready, Unsteady (July 2016)

On Leave

Hi friends. Over the past two months we’ve been very busy. We’ve spent the vast majority of our time discussing how one of us should post something on the site acknowledging the lack of updates, and our elusiveness in general. Well today… today is the day for progress.

In all actuality, almost every contributor to this site has had a major/drastic/tragic/important life change in their life recently, which has unfortunately left us little time for extracurriculars.

This isn’t goodbye, though. Sorry. Our vast archive of previous casts are still available, and we do indeed have plans to record again in the near future.

We just wanted to take this special time to thank you for your readership, and, you know, say “hi” and stuff.


Midnight Clear

Hi everyone, and happy holidays! Long time followers of mine will remember that every year I arrange a MegaPlaylist of totally listenable Christmas music. I started this tradition when I began working retail, and needed to fight back against the overwhelming onslaught of terrible, terrible holiday tunes.

This is my 14th annual mix, very available on Spotify, entitled “Midnight Clear”.

Imagine it like a music festival, if it makes you feel better.

Imagine it like a music festival, if it makes you feel better.

The only tracks missing from the Spotify version from my own personal version are several fantastic renditions by Sleeping at Last, which you can find for free here:


Oh, and the Spotify playlist is also free, and here:

Mega Playlist: Homebound

Hi friends!

Much like many of you I’m sure, for a very long time I’ve enjoyed making extended mixes of my current favorite music. In 2010 I started challenging myself to make 6hr+ mixes for various occasions/reasons, and I’ve been doing a few a year since. Now in 2015 I’m on part 12, which I’ve titled “Homebound”. This is maybe my most nostalgic one yet, and it really comes across as more of a personal mix than anything else. Anyway, it’s 87 tracks of what I’ve been listening to since last October. Enjoy and stuff.

Five for Friday: Yasunori Mitsuda

So you know what I totally forgot about? Everything not on Spotify. I’ve gotten so accustomed to dialing into the ‘ol Spotify catalogue, which by and large has most of what I want to listen to at any given time, that I forgot about all my other music I like that’s just not in there. Like almost everything by one of my favorite Japanese composers: Yasunori Mitsuda.

Known best for his work on soundtracks for games like Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, he actually has quite a long laundry list of soundtrack contributions, as well as his own collection of solo work released on his personal record label.  While plenty diversified, his work is notable for its lyrical and global quality. He draws inspiration from traditional Japanese and Celtic styles, and blends them in what can often be very personal, but very effective pieces. Since virtually all of this stuff is missing from Spotify, my FfF this week will feature some of my personal favorites, still to be found on YouTube:

5. Radical Dreamers

Probably my favorite of his. So I’ll start with that.

4. The Name of Our Hope

Such an upbeat and positive song, nearly impossible not to be inspired.

3. Silver Leica

Oh Noriko Mitose. You steal my heart.

2. Dajil

Now the fun times!

1. Scars of TIme

This one’s used in a few of the newer orchestral arrangements of the Chrono games’ scores, usually with percussionist Rony Barrak. BONUS, GO LISTEN TO THIS (also, this one’s on Spotify):

Chris’ 2014 Music Playlist

Hi everyone. It seems I was mysteriously absent from the Season 2 Finale episode wherein John and Robert likely talked at length about Ohio and Miami (respectively). I don’t know, I didn’t listen to the episode, and not just because I was banned from contributing.

But you know what they say: one snake eats the other! And to that end, I went ahead and made my own Spotify best 20 tracks of 2014 that I listened to anyway. All the songs were released in 2014, but I didn’t bother to do it in cheap countdown format (you’re welcome). Enjoy!

Season 2, Episode 7 part 1: Best of Christmas

Join Chris, the Grinch, and Robert as they discuss their favorite Christmas music songs. Robert goes in to detail about his Christmas plans while sitting in his office, John contemplates his musical choices, and Chris has to bear with the other two. Pour some egg nog, get the fire roaring, and enjoy the show.

“Burl Ives is a monster.”