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roosterlogoFor Chris, John and Robert, talking about music comes naturally. The Static Podcast was formed out of conversations on breaks at work, texts, drinking beers at Stadium, impromptu dance parties to the Cure at Lollapalooza, and lots and lots of music sharing. Out of these shared experiences, we decided to stop, collaborate, and listen to a lot of music, brought together by the secret power of friendship.

Each of us enjoy different types of music, but we all love music the same way. If we are circles on a Venn diagram, The Static Podcast is the part where we overlap. We take turns suggesting artists or topics to discuss, then we dig into the research. (Or, we wing it.) We record weekly from The Static and Distortion Headquarters. Thanks for listening to our show.

All new episodes can be found here. Below are the casts from Seasons 1 and 2.

Episode 21: Best of 2014 )Recorded 12/30/14)
John and Robert take you on a Static journey through 2014 and bring you our favorite songs and albums from the year.  Chris mean while sits in the corner drinking and browsing Tinder (in actuality he’s just not available).  Come join us on our trip and hopefully you’ll find out some more albums you should listen to.

Episode 20-part 2: The worst of Christmas (recorded December 20, 2014)
The worst podcast in the world brings you the worst Christmas music in the world!  Join hosts Chris and Robert as the aurally assault your ears with music that the grinch would love.

From he episode: “It’s not unfair to say that is a national shame akin to what happened to the Native Americans”

Episode 20: The best of Christmas (Recorded December 19, 2014)
Join Chris, the grinch, and Robert as they discuss their favorite Christmas music songs.  Robert goes in to detail about his Christmas plans while sitting in his office, John contemplates his musical choices, and Chris has to bear with the other two. Pour some egg nog, get the fire roaring, and enjoy the show.

From the episode: “Burl Ives is a monster.”

Episode 19: Rolling Stone magazine sucks! (recorded December 4, 2014)
Chris is ill.  Robert is drunk. John is Shawn. Special guest Jenn is silent.  It’s a weird one folks.

From the episode: “I’m just Shawn from the Cul De Sac.”

Episode 18: King-of! (recorded November 20, 2014)
In this episode we decide to have a go at the popular drinking game “King-of” and, in the process, name off over 70 artists that you should never, ever, listen to.

From the episode: “Sousaphone. The fucking marching tuba. That’s some pretty good shit.”

Episode 17: Steve Earle (recorded November 6, 2014)
Described in this episode as a gateway drug to Folk rock, we discuss Steve Earle and his cohorts in music.  Then John and Chris decide to get married to the new Decemberists song while Robert has no idea what’s going on due to never hearing and and the medication he’s taken.  All in all it makes for a fun episode.

Episode 16: Halloween (recorded October 29, 2014)
Chris and Robert get together and discuss Horror film scores and the large impact a score can have on creating atmosphere and tension in a movie.  John tries to get us to talk about stupid Halloween costumes then picks a fight with his daughter.  Or maybe she started it.   We also discuss songs that frighten us and our 8 week plan for Christmas music. Enjoy!

Episode 15: Deftones (recorded on October 16, 2014)
Journey back to middle school with us as we listen to the Deftones, talk about Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Green Day, and like any normal middle school one kid gets picked on and ridiculed.  Also, Robert’s mic volume is low in this one, so there was some post production to try adjust the levels.  Hopefully it worked.  But like monkies with computers, or college graduates with art history degrees, we have no idea what we’re doing in life.  Enjoy!

Episode 14: Dinosaur Jr (recorded on October 9, 2014)
We’re back and as lousy as ever!  This week we tackled  Dinosaur Jr, the band behind our rating system.  We also discuss changes to our podcast empire (is it an empire if you only have three shows and no one listens?) and we introduce come production value to the show, which Robert screws up. Computers are hard yo.

Episode 13: Ryan Adams (September 24th, 2014)
Guess what?! We have production now in the podcast!  Guess what else?!? The audio still sounds shitty!   I blame Chris this time.  Anyway, Check out the newest episode where we show Ryan Adams some love (some of us more than others).

Bonus Episode! (September 15th, 2014)
As promised we recorded a bonus episode to make up for the audio quality on the Do Make Say Think episode.  John and Chris discuss/debate Apple’s decision to auto-download the new U2 album to iTunes, touching on the desperation from both parties, how out of touch with current culture they are, and impact on future endeavors .  Robert attempts to chime in but is ignored and eventually gives up.

Episode 12: Do Make Say Think (September 15th, 2014)
Firstly, we would like to apologize for the terrible audio quality of this weeks podcast.  We’ll be recording a make up episode for our listeners soon.  But honestly you’re not missing much: Chris is his normal acerbic self, Robert talks about his feelings, and John disappears partway through the episode for about 5 minutes.  Who needs him anyway right?

Episode 11: Elvis Costello (September 5,  2014)
Listen to us talk about Saturday Night Live, beer, and Billy Corgan.  Also Elvis Costello is mentioned.

Episode 10: Check out these bands! (August 28, 2014)
Woefully under prepared for the actual artist we were supposed to talk about, we instead each picked 5 acts that you should check out.  So listen to this, then listen to them.

Episode 9: Radiohead (August 22, 2014)
We discuss Thom Yorke’s ego for an hour and a half, then Robert peer pressure’s John and Chris in to going to a concert with him. The first half of the podcast has some audio issues, but everything clears up midway

Episode 8: The Wifecast (August 15, 2014)
Journey with us back to high school as our wives pick artists we should discuss.

Episode 7: The Roots (August 10, 2014)
A surprisingly thoughtful discussion on Illidelph’s finest, going in to social commentary and musical impact.  Maybe not so surprising as John isn’t in this episode and we’re joined by Tom Hutch.

Episode 6: The Career of Jenny Lewis (July 26, 2014)
John barely contains his lust for Jenny Lewis.  Robert and Chris merely sit back and go for the ride.

Episode 5: Decemberists (July 14, 2014)
We hop in our dirigibles and take a trip to the Pacific North in an episode filled with songs about wars and sea shanty’s about mariners.  The sea fairing kind, not the baseball team.

Episode 4: Kanye West – The College Dropout 10 year Retrospective (June 28, 2014)
Looking back on Kanye West’s first album we truly realize how white we are.  Also, “Two Words” is an amazing song.

Episode 3: Death Cab for Cutie (aka “Old Timey Radio Edition”) (June 14, 2014)
John, Chris, and guest host Tom Hutch sit around and wax poetic on Ben Gibbard and friends.  While Robert, away at Bonnaroo, makes his thoughts known on Chris and his habit of talking.

Episode 2: Rodrigo y Gabriella (May 31, 2014)
Guitars!  Jazz covers! Musicianship! Honestly, we barely talk about them in this episode, but still a fun listen.

Episode 1: Pixies (May 17, 2014)
The Pixies AKA How many bands cite one act as their inspiration AKA Everyone loves Frank Black

Episode 0: Bruce Springsteen (May 3, 2014) – “The Pilot Episode”
It begins.  Like the Wayne family being murdered in front of Bruce, or Uncle Ben dying before Peter, from tragedy we shall rise to become something greater than all of us.  Really we’re just three guys who like music.  We hope you enjoy!


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