Five for Monday: Do You Want More?!!!??! Edition

AA The RootsHey kids! This week’s edition of the Static Podcast features the career of the Roots, America’s most badass late night band in history.

For as much as I love the Roots, I had to sit out this podcast episode due to illness. I had been day drinking with Chris and some friends earlier on recording day with a slight case of sniffles which rapidly turned into a 102.5 fever and sore throat, cough and general nastiness. I told the guys they had better count me out and see if our old buddy, Static and Distortion contributor Tom Hutch could fill in.

Robert had the pick this time, claiming he needed to inject some more hip hop into the musical culture of these white guys. Little did Robert know that I own every Roots album going all the way back to Organix.

My first exposure to the Roots was some time in early 2002. I was a student of Ohio State University attending one of the branch campuses, but being a Buckeye Ambassador, I had a conference at the main campus in Columbus. (Yes, Chris. I found a way to work Ohio in to this in some capacity.) On the day we arrived on campus, we walked through an area of campus where there was to be a concert later in the day. The Roots were playing! We walked through the general area while Questlove was doing his drum sound check.

Instantly, I was a fan. When I got home that night, I drove to my local Wal-Mart, which was the only place within a 20 mile radius to buy new music, and bought a copy of the Roots 2002 album “Phrenology.” Instant love based off one man’s drum sound check heard in passing.

I also immediately put this photo up on my wall in my bedroom. Questlove was my new favorite musician.


I then purchased every new album up through How I Got Over on release day. (Sorry, Undun and … and then you shoot your cousin.) I also went back in and purchased their entire back catalog as well. Their 2006 album “Game Theory” is currently number 10 in my Top 10 Favorite Albums of All Time list.

I provided my top 5 favorite Roots songs for Robert to relay on the podcast, so no spoilers. I decided I’d do a “Five for Monday” edition of some of my favorite Roots or Roots related videos not discussed on the podcast:

5. Derek Webb – #UNBLOK ME (A song begging Questlove to unblock him on Twitter after a Twitter war.)

4. Elvis Costello and the Roots – REFUSE to be Saved (From Wise Up Ghost)

3. John Legend and the Roots – Hard Times (From Wake Up!)

2. The Roots – Lovely Love My Family (From Yo Gabba Gabba)

1. Questlove – Goodbye Isaac

You can listen to our Roots Podcast and other podcasts from the Static Podcast here


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