My MegaPlaylist Archive Now on Spotify

So, starting in 2010, I started making 6hr+ MegaPlaylists. Initially this began when I needed a mix CD (mp3 CD at the time) to play for my shifts at work. Then, once I got a real job, I kept making them because this has turned into a wondrous addiction. Since then, I’ve created 16 playlists, and I’ve just completed the arduous undertaking of transcribing them all to Spotify. Also, purely for fun and not because I have a problem, I made cover art and set lists of the artists included on each.

So what’s the deal with these exactly? Essentially it’s the music I’m discovering/into at the time, and music I felt like sharing. It’s really as simple as that. EXCEPT IT’S NOT, because I did go through the effort of crafting the arrangement, so it’s not “on-shuffle”, per se, and the tracks have a natural flow and progression to them. This has nothing to do with a problem I don’t have.

It’s kind of neat to see that the first 4, which I made to be played in a public environment, are tailored more to the every-man crowd (ish), and then after that I just do whatever the hell I want.

Anyway, sharing them all today. They’re all public on Spotify, so if you find me, you should be able to find them anyway. Enjoy!

VOLUME 1: Submitted for Your Refusal (March 2010)


VOLUME 2: If at First You Don’t Succeed (June 2010)


VOLUME 3: And Now the Moment (September 2010)


VOLUME 4: End of the Tunnel (February 2011)


VOLUME 5: The Other River (September 2011)




VOLUME 7: Two Roads Diverged (April 2013)


VOLUME 8: Pathless (May 2013)


VOLUME 9: Ungone (November 2013)


VOLUME 10: All Horizons (June 2014)


VOLUME 11: Premier Season (September 2014)


VOLUME 12: Homebound (March 2015)


VOLUME 13: Days Rewound (August 2015)


VOLUME 14: Forget and Forgive (March 2016)


VOLUME 15: Good for What Isn’t (May 2016)


VOLUME 16: Unready, Unsteady (July 2016)


Altered States

By Jason.

Welcome to Altered States. A weekly playlist to help your weekend’s adventure get to the right destination. Featuring music left of center and slightly askew; ranging from post psychedelia, psybient, jam, ambient, hip hop, and world music. Whatever I’m listening to during the week that I feel might help you through life’s journey.



Last week in my own “altered state” I accidentally deleted the master playlist. Every week after this is posted I move the previous weeks list into 1 playlist. That would be the one for you to follow. It’s posted below for you. If you’ve followed it previously, you’ll need to re-follow. The master list, follow this one: 

Ryan Adams 101

By: Chris

Hi listeners (platinum and otherwise)!

As mentioned in our Bonus Cast, John and I have each compiled separate essential Ryan Adams playlists and arranged them on Spotify.

John’s list is a straightforward, to the point, you need to listen to these 20 Ryan Adams tracks (well, 19, the first is sort of just an intro) type deal. It’s arranged for listenability, which means that it’s not a countdown type playlist.


Similarly, my playlist is also not a countdown by any means. I did, however, test a decision to have it work both as a singular 20 track playlist, and 2 separate 10 track playlists. What I mean by this, is that the first 10 tracks on the playlist I view to be absolutely my 10 favorite, followed by 10 more that I also believe to be essential. The entire thing does work–in my opinion–quite nicely as a singular 20 track list, though.


Without even really opening up Spotify, I can tell you that what’s interesting, given Ryan’s vast catalogue and long career, along with nuances in mine and John’s taste, is that our lists are rather different. I think it highlights the range of his work, so if you listen to both playlists and think “boy, this was all pretty bad,” then Ryan Adams probably isn’t for you.