On Leave

Hi friends. Over the past two months we’ve been very busy. We’ve spent the vast majority of our time discussing how one of us should post something on the site acknowledging the lack of updates, and our elusiveness in general. Well today… today is the day for progress.

In all actuality, almost every contributor to this site has had a major/drastic/tragic/important life change in their life recently, which has unfortunately left us little time for extracurriculars.

This isn’t goodbye, though. Sorry. Our vast archive of previous casts are still available, and we do indeed have plans to record again in the near future.

We just wanted to take this special time to thank you for your readership, and, you know, say “hi” and stuff.



By Jason.

Welcome to Altered States. A weekly playlist to help your weekend’s adventure get to the right destination. Featuring music left of center and slightly askew; ranging from post psychedelia, psybient, jam, ambient, hip hop, and world music. Whatever I’m listening to during the week that I feel might help you through life’s journey.

Today is a special extra list. As I was putting together Altered States 11 I thought some might be interested in hearing some of the music that doesn’t make the weekly list. Since we started a new Volume 2 of Altered States I’m purging myself of all the back logged music I’ve been saving. I present to you: Altered States Out-Takes Volume 1. Everything that either has been cut from a previous list or that I’d been saving for a future list but never quite fit.

To be clear, it’s a mish-mash of music. With each Altered States list I take the time to craft a flow and a specific theme (regardless of whether that’s apparent), this is NOT that. This is just a listing of all the music that hasn’t yet made the cut. It’s a long list filled with some great tunes. I hope you enjoy: