My MegaPlaylist Archive Now on Spotify

So, starting in 2010, I started making 6hr+ MegaPlaylists. Initially this began when I needed a mix CD (mp3 CD at the time) to play for my shifts at work. Then, once I got a real job, I kept making them because this has turned into a wondrous addiction. Since then, I’ve created 16 playlists, and I’ve just completed the arduous undertaking of transcribing them all to Spotify. Also, purely for fun and not because I have a problem, I made cover art and set lists of the artists included on each.

So what’s the deal with these exactly? Essentially it’s the music I’m discovering/into at the time, and music I felt like sharing. It’s really as simple as that. EXCEPT IT’S NOT, because I did go through the effort of crafting the arrangement, so it’s not “on-shuffle”, per se, and the tracks have a natural flow and progression to them. This has nothing to do with a problem I don’t have.

It’s kind of neat to see that the first 4, which I made to be played in a public environment, are tailored more to the every-man crowd (ish), and then after that I just do whatever the hell I want.

Anyway, sharing them all today. They’re all public on Spotify, so if you find me, you should be able to find them anyway. Enjoy!

VOLUME 1: Submitted for Your Refusal (March 2010)


VOLUME 2: If at First You Don’t Succeed (June 2010)


VOLUME 3: And Now the Moment (September 2010)


VOLUME 4: End of the Tunnel (February 2011)


VOLUME 5: The Other River (September 2011)




VOLUME 7: Two Roads Diverged (April 2013)


VOLUME 8: Pathless (May 2013)


VOLUME 9: Ungone (November 2013)


VOLUME 10: All Horizons (June 2014)


VOLUME 11: Premier Season (September 2014)


VOLUME 12: Homebound (March 2015)


VOLUME 13: Days Rewound (August 2015)


VOLUME 14: Forget and Forgive (March 2016)


VOLUME 15: Good for What Isn’t (May 2016)


VOLUME 16: Unready, Unsteady (July 2016)


Midnight Clear

Hi everyone, and happy holidays! Long time followers of mine will remember that every year I arrange a MegaPlaylist of totally listenable Christmas music. I started this tradition when I began working retail, and needed to fight back against the overwhelming onslaught of terrible, terrible holiday tunes.

This is my 14th annual mix, very available on Spotify, entitled “Midnight Clear”.

Imagine it like a music festival, if it makes you feel better.

Imagine it like a music festival, if it makes you feel better.

The only tracks missing from the Spotify version from my own personal version are several fantastic renditions by Sleeping at Last, which you can find for free here:


Oh, and the Spotify playlist is also free, and here:

Chris’ 2014 Music Playlist

Hi everyone. It seems I was mysteriously absent from the Season 2 Finale episode wherein John and Robert likely talked at length about Ohio and Miami (respectively). I don’t know, I didn’t listen to the episode, and not just because I was banned from contributing.

But you know what they say: one snake eats the other! And to that end, I went ahead and made my own Spotify best 20 tracks of 2014 that I listened to anyway. All the songs were released in 2014, but I didn’t bother to do it in cheap countdown format (you’re welcome). Enjoy!

The Static Podcast: John and Robert Discuss Their Favorite Songs of 2014

By: John

The Year End Extravaganza Continues!

Last night, Robert and I recorded our 24th Static Podcast recapping our favorite songs and albums of the year. I just posted my Top Ten Favorite Songs and Top Ten Favorite Albums, so be sure to check them out.

Listen to our special end to 2014. Let’s hope Chris will listen to more new music in 2015 so he can join in the fun next year.


King-Of Sucky Music Artists: Part One

Hello internet audience! As you may (or may not, pending whether or not you took my advice) have heard recently on our podcast a rather lively game of King-Of, during which we ended up naming 75 music artists that at least 2/3 of us agree you should probably steer clear of. The topic was “music artists that suck,” and being that it’s all pretty vague, you can assume for the following, that if the artists is on the list, we don’t stand by them. In any fashion.

Remember, at least 2/3 of us agreed on all of the following artists, it’s just sorted by who brought them up. Anyway, don’t buy these artists music for the holidays, or ever:

98 degrees
Maroon 5
Third Eye Blind
Justin Bieber
Celine Deon
Keith Urban
Rascal Flatts
Kenny Rogers
Kris Kross
Buck Cherry
Alanis Morissette
Mariah Carey
Linkin Park
Dave Matthews Band

Backstreet Boys
Dave Koz
Rebecca Black
Stone Sour
Brittney Spears
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Christina Aguilera
Plain White Tees
Twisted Sister
Sugar Ray
Damn Yankees
Limp Bizkit
Barry Manilow
Animal Collective
Nick Cannon
Nicki Minaj
John Phillips Souza
Savage Garden
Phil Collins

The Fray
3 Doors Down
Michael Bolton
Lady Gaga
Amy Grant
Mandy Moore
Toby Keith
Luke Brian
Jessica Simpson
White Snake
Seven Mary Three
Eagle Eye Cherry
Neil Diamond
Ace of Base
Lil Bow Wow
Sum 41
Avril Lavigne
Duncan Sheik
Imagine Dragons


We will eventually continue this list in an upcoming Part Two. Until then, your music tastes are dangerously on their own.

New Spooky Type Cast Episode Now Available!

By: Chris

Just in time for Halloween, the newest episode of the film podcast “Type Cast” has been posted.

In this episode, film-person Mike and other person Chris discuss at length the easily accessible Black Sunday, shot in black and white in 1960, in Italy, based on a Russian novel.

Naturally we can’t help ourselves but to talk about horror exploitation in general, and the triumphs and pitfalls of the genre at large.

Also, at one point, Mike has to use the bathroom. However will we handle this live and on the air?

Check it out here!