Season 3, Episode 22: The Mary Stuart Mastodons

By John

Have we finally done it? Is it the best podcast we’ve ever recorded?

Thankfully for you, listeners, someone finally had the guts to uncover the most popular yet unheard band ever: Mary Stuart Mastodons. We delve into their eclectic style of music, drama within the band, and even with all the fanfare, Robert is still not a fan.

In music news this week, we talk about POTUS and FLOTUS’s favorite songs of 2015, Noel Gallagher hates Adele, apparently, and The Unattainable Wu-Tang album.

Quotes from the show:

“If you’d like to email me and tell me I’m wrong, the email address is, just put John in the subject line and I’ll read it in 6 months.”

“I would say, as a lover of chimichungas, for one, yes, I would steal Pat Smear’s chimichungas, personally, if I had the chance, but if someone stole MY chimichungas, I’d probably kick them off the tour.”

“You sound about 35% sexier this week, Jason.”

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